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At Jake Move, we offer storage services to help ease the process of packing and moving. This week, the team received a call from a client, Chern, whose furniture was of tremendous sentimental value, and as such, she was requesting the most efficient mobile storage services Doncaster had to offer.

Two well-trained professionals from Jake Move arrived at the scene, prepared, and ready to help in every way possible. The guys carefully wrapped the client’s furniture in thick, protective sheets, and placed them gently into the available storage boxes.

At one point, we found one large TV unit that couldn’t fit inside any of the storage boxes because it was simply too big. The guys decided to wrap it in thick blankets to prevent any damage, and loaded it in the back of the truck, in a separate area from the rest of the furniture. All the contents of the truck were then transported for storage at Jake Move’s warehouse facility.

Many people have concerns regarding the security of storage facilities, which is why we’ve broken it all down to provide clients with a better understanding of the process. Jake Move recognises that security is a primary issue for customers. Everyone wants to know that their belongings are safe – particularly in the case of Chern, who, as we mentioned is heavily driven by sentimental value.

That’s why we offer multiple forms of effective security measures, such as a fully locked and secure warehouse. This warehouse is guarded by 24 hour alarm monitoring and video surveillance, as well as a high-tech key pad entry.

At the end of the entire packing and storage process, Chern was thrilled by the standard of care and safety implemented by the Jake Move team. She gave us two thumbs up and claimed that we offered one of the best mobile storage services Doncaster had seen so far.

If you’re in search of the best mobile storage Melbourne has to offer, look no further than the trained professionals at Jake Move Removals and Storage.