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Long Moving Job From Bayswater to Doncaster by Jake Removals Melbourne

Long Moving Job From Bayswater to Doncaster by Jake Removals Melbourne

Let’s be honest, moving to a new house is usually a stressful experience. And as a moving company, Jake Removals Melbourne has to help our clients to alleviate this stress. So when a client recently sought out our help on a moving job, we naturally tried to do so. The client lived in a four-bedroom house in Bayswater and wanted to move to a new place in Doncaster. The house was filled with furniture and had the potential to be a moving nightmare.

Before we started the move, we had to disassemble everything we could, carefully storing the screws. We then had to wrap the furniture pieces in bubble wrap to prevent any scratches and marks. While we still wrapped furniture pieces that couldn’t be disassembled, we were forced to use sliders to ease them out of the home and into the truck.

And when it came to packing items in the truck, we started with the heavy-duty ones like the couches before placing the light ones. To ensure the safety of our team and to avoid damaging the house’s surfaces we used a lot of dollies and lifting straps to move things around. Since this was an 8-hour move, we also had to drive carefully to avoid any sudden turns.

When we finally got to the Doncaster house, we still had to unpack the truck and assemble everything we had previously disassembled. While this was undoubtedly a long and tedious move, it was definitely worth it seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces. Customer promised to recommend Jake Removals Melbourne to his friends for sure.

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