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Large office Relocation by Jake Office Movers Melbourne

Large office Relocation From Coburg To Derrimut by Jake Office Movers Melbourne

  • David contacted us to enquire about our services for his up-coming move. He was calling from a very well-known company Bega. As many people would know they are famous for their very popular cheese and dairy products.
  • As one could imagine the size of their office was quite substantial and would take quite a large amount of time.
  • That’s where our professional services and hard workers come into play.
  • As the office contained between 20-30 people each with their own desks, filing cabinets and other miscellaneous items along with your standard office furniture and electronic equipment it would take more than one day.
  • Our solution to this move was to have two teams of 3men each for the first part of the move which would be on Thursday 13 June.
  • Each team would also have a 10t truck which is our largest with a hydraulic lift and complete with trolleys, dolleys and high quality furniture blankets.
  • Jake Office Movers Melbourne workers for the first part of the move were. Team 1: James, Karl and Eddie and team 2: Robert, Jay and Tylor.
  • All very experienced furniture removalists who pride themselves on outstanding customer service and work ethic. They all do bring their own individual style of work and personalities to make for a great and diverse working environment.
  • As we did have two teams on site that day they both decided to split the move into two sections where one team took care of a certain area of the property and the other team handled the other section to keep the move organised and on schedule.
  • The move did also involve quite a large amount of dismantling of desks and cabinets and storage units which is to be expected with any office move as many of the desks once assembled are to large to fit through the doors as they are.
  • At the end of the first move our teams had done an amazing job clearing out and moving the majority of the office to their new premises.
  • The following day on 14 June our Team of Robert, Jay and Tylor continued moving the remaining items.
  • All items were treated with he best of care from dismantle to the move to reassemble at the new premises.
  • David and his co-workers were extremely happy with the outstanding work provided by our staff and would gladly recommend our services to anyone looking for Office Movers Melbourne.

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