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Jake Removals Melbourne helps to keep your furniture and reminiscence alive

Jake Removals Melbourne helps to keep your furniture and reminiscence alive

Some time it is not about the money but also about the nostalgic value of something that you don’t want to leave behind. As a professional furniture removal company in Melbourne we not only move things from one place to another but also advice you in a best possible way about what to disassemble and what to not. We have many stories where people don’t want to leave their childhood birthday present. Or a 20 year old wedding gift that someone doesn’t want to leave behind.

To know our efficiency and professionalism you can have a look at our customer reviews. Most of the people came to Jake Removals Melbourne by recommendation of friends and family.

After getting a lot of positive feed backs now I can recall one of them which was quite heartwarming. Where there was an entrepreneur who wants to carry a study table and a chair while he was moving from one pole of the country to another. It was a matter of great curiosity since it was seems to us that he could buy a better chair and table with this removal cost. We have asked about it with a hesitation and came to know that this table and chair was a 20 year old birthday gift given by his father. After the successful and safe delivery we got a thanks note. He was also thankful to a friend who recommended him to choose us. This kind of gestures makes us more determinant and committed.

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