The Month of July for Jake Removals Melbourne

The Month of July for Jake Removalists Melbourne

  • The Month of July for Jake Removals was very productive. We had a great number of bookings from new and existing clients adding to our large portfolio and happy customers within Australia.
  • July being the middle of winter can bring with it some challengers when it comes to the somewhat unpredictable weather of Victoria as most who live in this state would know.
  • Most people prefer not to move during the winter months for obvious reasons, however most people also do not typically get to choose when they are able to move due to home settlement dates, landlords moving back into their homes or a variety of many other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Luckily for our customers our workers at Jake Removals are more than prepared for what mother nature brings, whether it is raining one day then sunny the next or 5 constant days of icy winds, hail and rain which we did unfortunately receive this July.
  • Suited up in extra weather proof clothing and armed with plenty of plastic wrapping and furniture covers our workers bravely face the harsh winter months to give our customers the same excellent and professional service they would expect any day of the year.
  • As most people would understand furniture removal is a very physically demanding job and it is during our winter months when the weather can also take a toll is where the determination, professionalism and hard work our movers provide is appreciated more than ever to provide our customers with stress free and the best service possible.
  • With our excellent service also comes with it the rewards or our ever growing 5 star online reviews and personal comments from our clients which is greatly appreciated and helps grow the company to be bigger and better.
  • We look forward to the following month and to the end of winter and say hello and welcome the much warmer days of spring.

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Removalists Melbourne Month of July