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Interstate Moving – From Melbourne with love

Interstate Moving – From Melbourne with love

Interstate moving can be a pain, especially when you live in a huge apartment. The packing process is usually tedious and the long journey is really tiresome. However, even in such unfavorable conditions, we can provide a pleasant moving experience. In fact, we recently did just that for a client who was seeking to move from Melbourne to Sydney.

They were moving from a 3-bedroom apartment to a slightly larger bungalow. To avoid any delays, we had to be very detailed in our processes. For one, we had to go to the client’s home and do a full inventory of their belongings beforehand. This came in handy not only with the pricing but also with planning.

Afterward, we gave the client a step-by-step rundown of the moving process and gave them a checklist of what they need to do before the move. At this point, we also agreed on the day and time of the move. On the predetermined day, we arrived early in the morning and quickly packed all the stuff in the trucks, starting with large items like furniture and home appliances.

Since we knew we had a long road ahead, we used a lot of bubble wrap and wrapping paper to keep all the items secure during the move. Ultimately, we got to Sydney in just under 11 hours, and with all the client’s belongings in one piece. The client was so thrilled that he still refers other clients to us to this day!

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