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Moving furniture can be difficult. Now imagine moving it through narrow laneways in a crowded city. This is precisely the task that stood before the Jake Move team. Their latest client, Yvonne, called up asking for the best furniture removalists Melbourne CBD has to offer, because this was going to be one challenging removal job.

Since Jake Move is always up to the task, they started by asking Yvonne some basic questions about the nature of her furniture and the layout of the apartment, followed by a reassurance that they would do everything they can to help out.

The job was carried out by two guys who moved the furniture from the second floor of Yvonne’s apartment. Prior to the move, all of the client’s furniture was wrapped in blankets for protection, as a safety precaution. It was then lifted and carefully manoeuvred around the apartment to prevent damage to the surroundings, before being placed into the truck. Working with heavy objects in confined spaces can be dangerous for workers, which is why the appropriate safety procedures should be carried out all times. For more information on visit WorkSafe Victoria.

While the guys experienced a few hiccups trying to move the larger couches to the bottom floor and through the tight laneways, overall the task was carried out with reasonable ease. All of Yvonne’s belongings were safely removed from her apartment without any scratches or damage to the furniture. She was incredibly pleased with the results!

Once the job was completed, she called our head office to personally thank the team that helped her with her move, saying “the two guys did an excellent job! They were very professional and efficient, and took a lot of care”.  Initially she was a bit concerned that some of her belongings might get damaged somewhere along the way, but she was pleasantly surprised to find that all her furniture was completely intact, exactly the same way it had been prior to the moving process.

If you’re in search of the most efficient furniture removalists Melbourne CBD has to offer, reach out to Jake Move to make that search a reality.


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