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When living in your dream house – or any house for that matter – it’s easy to get carried away with filling up your personal space with a truckload of furniture…and honestly, a whole bunch of other stuff! That’s why when Lily reached out to Jake Move for moving services, she was somewhat concerned about the amount of stuff that needed moving. The Jake Move team, however, assured the client that she was going to witness the best furniture removalists Glen Waverley had ever seen.

Part of Lily’s belongings involved a giant trampoline that had been assembled a few years ago when she initially bought the house. Now here’s where the challenge kicked in: the trampoline could not be dismantled, which meant the movers had to consider carrying it from the backyard, around the house to the front yard where the truck was located. This is where the second problem kicked in. The pathway leading from the back to the front of the house was covered by roof, rendering it physically impossible to take that route.

Ultimately, it was decided that the trampoline was going to be lifted and carried over the house – by no means any easy feat. But this is where Jake Move thrives. Well-prepared for any kind of job, and the technical know-how to solve these types of issues, the guys found a way to pull it off.Lily was truly impressed by the professionalism and level of commitment the team had shown her. It was easy to see why Jake Move has a reputation for being the best furniture removalists Glen Waverley had to offer.

If you require the professional services of the best removalists Melbourne has to offer, contact Jake Move for storage and removal services. Not only reliable and efficient, Jake Move likes to do things the right way. Since lifting and moving heavy equipment can put quite a strain the human body, it’s important to address the right safety precautions from the get-go.

Part of guaranteeing efficiency in the removals process comes down to the safety procedures that are undertaken by all Jake Move professionals – and it doesn’t have to apply to just storage and removal jobs. If you’re interested in more information on workplace safety, visit WorkSafe Victoria.

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