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Moving can be complicated and stressful. When Ada, Jake Move’s latest client, reached out, she was in a state of panic over how many things she’d accumulated over the years without even realising it – that is of course, until the time came to move to her new home in Toorak. Ada contacted Jake Move requesting the best furniture removalists Balwyn North had ever seen.

This was by far one of the largest jobs for Jake Move. At the time of booking, Ada requested two of our largest 10ft trucks along with four movers. Her belongings spanned a good 90 cubic metres and needed to be collected from two different places before being moved to the new house in Toorak.

One of the most commonly underestimated things about moving is how much stuff we actually own. Much like in the case of Ada, it’s not always apparent until it needs to be gathered and transported to a new location. As a result, when Jake Move arrived at the property, she was deeply concerned about the time it would take to complete the process. The Jake Move Team assured Ada that they weren’t called the best furniture removalists Balwyn North had seen for nothing.

In the end, it took just one day for Jake Move to complete entire the job. Ada was ecstatic. Never having previously used a professional moving service, she was skeptical about the duration of the task when she realised how much furniture and other odd bulky items needed to be packed and taken away. Ultimately, when the job was complete, she was incredibly grateful and appreciative of her helpful movers and left 5-star feedback for the company.

If you’re on the hunt for the best removalists Melbourne can provide, the Jake Move team is ready to assist with any moving and storage services you may require. With professionally trained movers, and public liability insurance, it’s obvious why people are calling Jake Move the best furniture removalists Melbourne has to offer. Click here for more information on liability insurance and professional indemnity.

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