4 Bedrooms Move From Mill Park to Mernda through Online Booking

4 Bedrooms Move From Mill Park to Mernda by Jake Furniture Removals Melbourne

  • Casey contacted us through our online portal, requesting to be contacted to discuss her upcoming move.
  • We were happy to oblige. Casey advised that she would be needing some assistance moving her 4 bedroom home in Mill Park and moving about twenty minutes North to Mernda.
  • Casey did advise that her and her family were planning to move most of the smaller items like boxes, clothing and any other small items they could fit into their cars before the big move and that she would just require help to move the larger items in the home.
  • With all this information in mind we decided on our 8T truck with 2 men. The 8T is generally used for a standard 3 bed home but as Casey had planned to move all the small items the 8T would have plenty of space.
  • Our team chosen for this move were our lovely team of Luke and Eddie. Both very friendly guys, hard working and very strong. They are always happy to assist our customers in anything they need during the move and have been working with us for many years and we are happy to have them in our team.
  • Our 8T truck comes fully equipped with top quality furniture blankets and plastic wrapping to assist with covering and protecting all fragile and easily damaged items during the moving process. The truck also have many specialised trolleys, dolleys and a very large hydraulic lift for all those bulky and large items like sofas, refrigerators and bulky dressers and buffets.
  • Casey did also advise that they had many dogs on their property so would require a call before arriving to make sure they were all safe and locked away and out of the way of Luke and Eddie.
  • The move was a great success with all items treated with the best care and no damage to the belongings and the properties.
  • Casey left a great 5 star review and would gladly use our services again if need be and recommend to all seeking Furniture Removals Melbourne
  • “Great service, very polite and able bodied to move our entire home. Eddie and Luke were excellent. Highly recommend, management should be proud.”

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