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Jake Removals Melbourne February Update

Jake Removals Melbourne February Update

The month of February has been extremely busy and exciting with the final month of Summer coming to an end and hundreds of new and existing customers requesting to move before the colder Autumn months begin in March.

During this unusual time due to Covid-19 we thought Jake removals Melbourne would advise some reminders of steps we are taking and advising customers to take to keep everyone as safe as possible during this time as this is our highest priority.

With the roll out of the vaccine the world will hopefully be back to “normal” within the year but until then we do need to continue our safety measures.

Limiting interaction is encouraged at the moment, so while you can still expect the same high level of customer service from our removalists that Jake removals Melbourne is known for, you can also expect some small changes.

These include our staff refraining from shaking hands and maintaining a safe distance from you and each other throughout the move, in accordance with recommended social distancing practices. Our removalists do travel with and use hand sanitiser throughout each move, in addition to using essential personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and face masks.

Other steps you can take, though not required, include:

  • Limiting the number of people in the house on move day, ideally to just one responsible person, aside from our removalists.
  • Having your own pen close at hand for any documentation you may need to sign.
  • Providing our removalists with access to a washroom or bathroom, so that they can regularly wash their hands throughout the move, in addition to using the hand sanitiser they all travel with.
  • Either move all boxes into a single room close to the entrance our removalists will use, or moving them into a single space within each room. This helps speed up the actual move, while also limiting unnecessary movement through your home.
  • Provide our removalists with floor plans for each room in your new home, showing where they should place the boxes or specific furniture items when offloading your belongings.

Note that none of the steps listed above are required for house moves taking place during coronavirus restrictions on movement and interaction, but they can make the move a little easier and safer for everyone involved.

If we all play our part we can get through this safely together with the least amount of disruption to our lives and those around us.

We look forward to providing more excellent service and many more moves in the cooler months ahead.

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