Excellent communication and service with Jake Removals and Storage


You know this is not the first time hiring movers for us. But this experience with Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne is something we will never forget. We bought some classy, second-hand furniture at an auction and wanted to bring it to our place in Melbourne. We called some of the movers we had previously taken services- some were not available for the work, some said they wouldn’t do interstate moving, and some quoted extremely high prices.

That weekend, some friends came over for a small get-together at our house, and we happened to mention this whole moving fiasco. Fortunately, one of them gave us the contact of Jake Removals and said to call them the following day itself. They spoke highly of the movers, and we were already convinced to hire them.

The next day, we called Jake Removals, and everything was so swift and smooth. The first thing they told us was, “just let us know what we are picking up and from where. We will take care of the rest for you”. This itself gave us a lot of assurance.

Within the evening, they sent us the quote for the move and explained every process in detail. The details included how many movers would be there, how the items would be packed and loaded, the truck details, the contact number of the mover and the truck driver, the pick-up and estimated drop timings etc.

The whole process was stress-free, and they delivered the furniture without a single scratch, right on time. Honestly, if we have any other moving requirements, we would contact Jake Removals only, without hesitation. We wish we had known them earlier because they have been extremely professional, and we didn’t even have to call them constantly asking for updates. If you’re looking for any kind of furniture moving services in Melbourne, give them a call at 1300 766 658 or send an online quote and you won’t regret it.

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