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Jake Removals is one of the efficient and credible pool table removers in Melbourne

We always have our friends and family over for weekends and other holidays. You can say our house is a hub for all things happy and fun. So naturally, we have a huge pool table for everyone to enjoy.

But this pool table because a topic of concern when we decided to move to another state because of work. We didn’t know how to move this and whom to contact. Most of the movers we contacted were worried about how safely they could move this pool table across the state. Let’s be real, it’ll be one heck of a journey and we too were worried how safe and un-damaged it would arrive at our new house. Not to mention the charges – it was worrisome.

That’s when I finally got the contact of Jake Removals & Storage. I called them up and explained our situation. We were worried they too would reject our request like others. Let me tell you this, the way they spoke and enquired about the situation itself was reassuring.

They were well-spoken, patiently listened to all our worries and told us that they would help us move our precious pool table to our new home. We were still worried because the whole situation felt so good to be true and we thought they would quote a huge amount. Even their moving charges were fitting our budget perfectly.

They came and picked up our pool table from our place, packed it very well and carefully loaded into their truck. The whole process was extremely hassle and stress-free. From my experience, moving a pool table need to be a careful process. Especially an old table like ours. If you are in-experienced or rough with it, the damage can be irreversible and the table will end up in the ditch.

I can vouch with all my heart that the team at Jake Removals did a terrific job in moving our pool table to our new home, that too was an interstate move. If you are looking for efficient and credible pool table movers in Melbourne, give them a call guys!

If you have the requirements for moving your pool table in Melbourne, please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.