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Moving Houses Became More Harder During The Covid-19 Pandemic


While moving houses was already bothersome before Covid-19, the pandemic has definitely made things much harder. A move that used to take only 30 minutes could take up to an hour because of all the precautionary measures we have to put in place now. And things can become more difficult during periods of lockdown.

However, we still push through in these uncertain times. Since moving houses is still allowed during the lockdown in Melbourne, we have managed to successfully execute moves during this time. In fact, we did one just recently – we helped a family move from Kensington to Carlton.

To ensure that both our staff and customers are safe, we had to require the family to evacuate the house before we came to execute the move – only one family member was present at the start of the move to give directions. Secondly, we asked the family to sanitize all surfaces that are prone to touch before we arrived for the move. These include doorknobs and tabletops.

Thirdly, since the truck only required one truck, we kept the number of movers to two. And to keep them safe, we equipped them with sanitisers and masks. Also, as we usually do before each move since the pandemic hit, we fumigated the truck to eliminate the chances of virus transfer.

Finally, from the beginning to the end of the move, our staff practiced social distancing and behaved professionally. Needless to say, both the customers and their belongings were able to move into their new home safely.

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Melbourne Office Relocation – Storing furniture in Jake Storage Facility


When it comes to storing furniture, there’s no one like us, especially in the Melbourne area. No matter what type of furniture you have, we can comfortably store it for you for as long as you need. In fact, just recently we helped some clients move all their office furniture into storage.

Located in the heart of Melbourne, their office had a variety of furniture pieces. After thoroughly discussing their storage options with them, we collectively agreed on a move date that gave them enough time to prepare. On the day of the move, we arrived early on their premises and started getting ready for the journey.

First of all, we disassembled all the furniture pieces that we could. Afterward, we wrapped everything in protective blankets, loaded it into the trucks, and transported it to our warehouse facility. Since we have been doing this for years, we were done loading the trucks in a little over an hour.

And within minutes, we were at our facility. This facility not only boasts of 24-hour video surveillance and alarm monitoring but also has a keypad entry. Ultimately, it is one of the most secure warehouse facilities out there. Once we got to it, we packed all the furniture in storage boxes and used a forklift to store them away.

Using our effective organization system, we stored all our clients’ boxes together. So when they are finally ready to move into a new office space, we can easily retrieve and deliver all their stuff. So far, our clients are satisfied with our service and have even recommended us to other people.

If you have the requirements for moving and self-storage solutions, please call Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.



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Handling Unexpected Occurrences During Move From Storage Facility To Richmond


While moving is already quite stressful, unexpected occurrences can make things even harder. For instance, when moving a recent client from one neighborhood to another, something odd happened – the client realized that they had misplaced the keys to the new home. And while this almost never happens, we were equipped to handle the situation.

Since we have a storage facility, we had to store their items there while they stayed in a hotel and worked on getting replacement keys. And as luck would have it, after a day’s delay, we were back in action. Of course, the client had to spend more money than they had originally expected, but there really wasn’t any other choice considering it was too late to go back to the old home.

Ultimately, it was a tough situation that our team handled with grace and poise. After being informed of the change of plans, the moving team quickly went to the storage facility and safely unpacked the luggage. And when it was time to move to the house in Richmond, the same team handled the move. Using tools like ramps, doilies, and bubble wrap, they ensured that even the most fragile of items arrived and were unpacked safely. After all the back and forth, we were happy to be able to maintain high-quality customer service.

The customer was so relieved that they not only tipped us but also referred us to other clients. Ultimately, it is our versatility and highly transparent communication that allows us to navigate such unexpected situations.

If you have the requirements for home and office removals, piano removals or storage solutions, please call Jake Removals Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.


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Moving from Point Cook to Yarraville By Jake Removalists Melbourne

removalists point cook

If there is one thing we pride ourselves in, it is putting our clients first. That’s why we always give them a choice between cataloging their luggage themselves or inviting us to their homes to do it for them. But with this freedom comes one challenge – sometimes a move requires more trips than what the client had expected. And in such situations, it is up to us to adapt quickly.

In fact, we had to deal with such a case just recently which was moving from Point Cook to Yarraville. A client procured our services and planned to start at 3 pm. It was sure they would only need one 10T truck which is the largest truck we have. However, we were all shocked on the day of the move when we discovered that we would need to do a second trip.

We had no choice but to schedule the next trip for the next morning, even though it was a public holiday. And while it was a tough feat, our dedicated team carried out the move successfully. They picked the remaining items at 8:00 AM and delivered them to the new house by 4:00 PM. Of course, we had to compensate them extra for working on a holiday but we happily did so.

Ultimately, our team aims to provide great customer service at all costs. Needless to say, the client was satisfied and even procured our services when they needed to move again. So if you’re looking for a moving team that quickly adapts to life’s curveballs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you have the requirements for home removals, piano removals, office relocation, or storage solutions, please call Jake Removals Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.


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Interstate Moving from NSW to VIC By Jake Removalists Melbourne

interstate removalists Melbourne

As we have said before, moving from one state to the other is grueling for both customers and movers. But it is such strenuous situations that separate the amateur movers and the experts. Interestingly, we just recently encountered this.

A client was looking to move from Windsor NSW to Waterways in Melbourne Victoria on short notice. He had just gotten a new job in Melbourne and had to pack up his family and leave immediately. Essentially, we had only a few days to get everything done. And to make matters worse, the client lived in a big home with 4 bedrooms.

To say that things were hectic is an understatement. Ultimately, the only thing that got us through is the fact that our company has a clear outline of what needs to be done in case of such emergencies. So we quickly followed our procedures.

First of all, we sent someone over to the client’s house to take inventory of all the client’s belongings, especially the large items. This helped us determine how many trucks, drivers, and packing materials we would need. Also, we had an agreement with the client on the items that they would need to pack themselves before the moving date.

This was aimed at reducing the amount of packing time required for the move. And since we had let everyone know their responsibilities beforehand, the move went rather smoothly. Our movers Melbourne arrived at the client’s house early in the morning and were done loading the trucks by 9:00 AM.

More importantly, everything was carefully loaded and wrapped adequately to ensure that it remained safe throughout the journey. Within 15 hours, they were already in Waterways unloading the truck. All things considered, we were able to surpass the client’s expectations, something that made him recommend even more clients to us.

If you have the requirements for home removals, piano removals, office relocation, or storage solutions, please call Jake Removals Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.


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Moving from Reservoir to Berwick In The Rain By Jake Removalists Melbourne

Removalists Melbourne

A large part of life’s novelty lies in its unpredictability – its ability to change in a second. But this doesn’t go down so well when it comes to the weather, especially when you are in Melbourne. This is the worst time for you to even see a hint of rain. Fortunately, Jake Removals Melbourne is usually prepared for such unexpected circumstances.

For instance, our Melbourne removalists recently successfully moved a customer from Reservoir to Berwick in the rain. Both we and the clients had counted on it being a sunny day when all hell broke loose. Fortunately, we always pack a lot of moving blankets and plastic wrap with us.

As such, it was easy for us to adequately wrap the client’s belongings in a way that made them waterproof. What’s more? We used some of the moving blankets to line the house’s doorway so that we could move in and out without getting water everywhere.

But what really helped us was the fact that we had enough staff onsite to make it possible for some to permanently stay outside and others permanently inside. This way, those who were inside could quickly pass items to the ones outside without much back and forth.

Also, Jake Removals were lucky in that the client’s compound had a sheltered area where we could pack the truck and quickly load it without having to be in the actual rain. All these factors combined ensured that all the client’s property remained clean and dry throughout the loading process.

And even when we were on the move, we were not worried about any leakage since our trucks are usually fully waterproof and regularly maintained. Needless to say, the client was thrilled when we safely got all their belongings to their new apartment and promptly unpacked them. Not only did he give us a good review, but he also sent a lot of referrals our way!

If you have the requirements for home removals, piano removals, office relocation, or storage solutions, please call Jake Removals Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.


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Apartment moving from Melbourne CBD to South Yarra


Andrew was moving a small 2 bedroom apartment and moving from Mackenzie Street in the Melbourne CBD and moving to Myrtle Street in South Yarra. We arranged for our 4T truck for this move suitable for smaller moves of 1-2 bedroom homes or a few items depending on the size and weight and great for locations like the city due to parking conditions. Our movers for this day were Eric and Ken a great team that works hard and works well together and enjoys the job. Andrew left a 5-star review which advised “These guys were great and efficient. Packed all my items away in the truck covered and protected. Will use again. Cheers”.

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House moving from Ringwood to Glen Waverley

Laura required our assistance to help move herself and some friends from multiple locations into the same home. Altogether the home would make up the equivalent of a large 3 bed to 4 bed home and locations started from Ringwood, Ringwood North, Mount Waverley and moving to Glen Waverley. Due to the size of the move, we required our largest truck which is a 10T truck with 3men as there were steep driveways and many stairs involved. Our team for this move was Billy, Fan and Andrew which is another of our amazing teams with many years of experience and come from diverse cultural backgrounds. The move was completed without any issues and in great time and Laura was very pleased and left a 5-star review and stated “Amazing service. They know how to do the hard moving items up the stairs. Great people and fast. Would recommend 100%”.

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Regional apartment moving from Hawthorn to Ballarat

Anthony requested our assistance to move his 1-bed apartment from the inner city suburb of Hawthorn to the Regional town of Ballarat Central as he was looking for a change of pace in life. We were more than happy to help and generally, we would use our 4T truck however as that was already booked we upgraded Anthony to the larger 8T truck for the same rate as the 4T truck to move his belongings which allowed for plenty of space and a faster move as the movers do not need to stack items in such a way to ensure all belongings fit. Our team for the day was Luke and Ken and they treated Anthony’s belongings with great care and the move was completed very promptly. Anthony was extremely happy with the move and rated us 5 stars with a review that stated “Fast, efficient, careful with our items and great communication, what more could you ask for?”.

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Sharing Two Moving Cases in June 2021

Jake Removals June Moving Cases

Jake Removals Melbourne Update June 2021


Today we would like to share two furniture removal cases from our happy customers.

Customer one: Nengsy

Moving Date: 15 June 2021

Nengsy was requesting help to move her 3 bed home from Mulgrave to Ashwood. We arranged for our 8T truck for this job which is suitable for a large 2 bed to a standard 3 bed home. The truck comes with a large hydraulic lift on the back. It is suitable for all the larger belongings which included in this move an upright piano. Pianos are a specialty item that we move as it does take extra care and experience to handle. Luke and Ming are the team on the day and they are more than capable of such tasks of large and bulky items. With the assistance of the specially designed piano trolley and lift the piano was delivered in perfect condition. Nengsy was very happy with the move and left a 5 star review which stated “Professional, arrived on time and made the move without hassle.”

Customer two: Doug

Moving Date: 26 June 2021

Doug contacted us the ask for assistance in moving his 3 bed single-level home from Eltham to another single-level home in Eltham. As the move is within the same suburb we can be flexible with our choice of the truck as the distance between the properties was very minimal which allows us to make multiple trips if required. Our choice of the truck on the day was our 6T and a 2man move consisting of the team of Dan and Matthew. They are both great younger men and hard workers who work great together. The team took great care with all belongings including some fragile antique pieces. Doug was extremely happy and left a 5 star review advising “very timely, handled our items, including antiques, very careful. Courteous movers with competitive rates. Highly recommend – will definitely use again”.

If you have the requirements for home removals, piano removals, office relocation, or storage solutions, please call Jake Removals Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.


Jake Removals June Moving Cases

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Never Too Short – Moving By Jake Removals Melbourne

Movers Melbourne

Never Too Short – Moving By Jake Removals Melbourne

If there is one thing you should know about us, it is that we are keen on both long-distance and short-distance moves. Even if you are just moving across the street, we will ensure you have a pleasant experience. We will pack your belongings just as keenly as we do for long moves and will arrive on time for the move.

Case in point, just the other day we successfully helped a client move from one Melbourne estate to another. Even though the client’s family had a lot of belongings, the move took less than an hour. This was primarily due to our thorough preparation process. Before the day of the move, we not only visited the client’s house but also gave them a thorough checklist with all they had to do.

So by the time we arrived at their house, most of the packing was done and most of the furniture was disassembled. We sent over a team of 4 movers, ensuring that the remaining packing and truck loading only took a short time. The team also ensured that the unloading and unpacking at the destination were done swiftly and safely. They used tools like doilies, bubble wrap and wrapping paper to effectively move couches, beds, and even pianos.

At the end of the day, everything was done as efficiently as possible. The client was thrilled and even referred us to other people who were looking to move.

Call Jake Removals Melbourne at 1300 766 658/0433 955 908  or you can get an instant Quote Online.

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Interstate Moving – From Melbourne with love

Removalists Melbourne

Interstate Moving – From Melbourne with love

Interstate moving can be a pain, especially when you live in a huge apartment. The packing process is usually tedious and the long journey is really tiresome. However, even in such unfavorable conditions, we can provide a pleasant moving experience. In fact, we recently did just that for a client who was seeking to move from Melbourne to Sydney.

They were moving from a 3-bedroom apartment to a slightly larger bungalow. To avoid any delays, we had to be very detailed in our processes. For one, we had to go to the client’s home and do a full inventory of their belongings beforehand. This came in handy not only with the pricing but also with planning.

Afterward, we gave the client a step-by-step rundown of the moving process and gave them a checklist of what they need to do before the move. At this point, we also agreed on the day and time of the move. On the predetermined day, we arrived early in the morning and quickly packed all the stuff in the trucks, starting with large items like furniture and home appliances.

Since we knew we had a long road ahead, we used a lot of bubble wrap and wrapping paper to keep all the items secure during the move. Ultimately, we got to Sydney in just under 11 hours, and with all the client’s belongings in one piece. The client was so thrilled that he still refers other clients to us to this day!

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