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Uni Studnet Moved to City Apartment by Jake Removals Melbourne

Removals Melbourne CBD Apartment

Uni Studnet Moved to City Apartment by Jake Removals Melbourne

Mia is a Uni student and had come to us from a friend referral. She felt really confident and said she did not even check other Melbourne removalists. Her renting apartment in Melbourne CBD expired by the end of September so Mia was going to move to another bigger apartment as the renting price in CBD dropped due to the number of oversea students.

We booked a 4T truck for Mia because she didn’t have too many stuffs to move. On the moving day, our team members arrived on time however they were stopped by the apartment management staff. They were asked for special working permit during Melbourne Stage 4 lockdown. Jake Removals planned everything as soon as Stage 4 restriction has been announced, so our staff shown their working permit as well as Jake Removals’ COVID Safe Plan on our website. Everything was under control. The move was within Melbourne CBD and took around 3 hours. Mia was satisfied with our boys and left a five-star review on Google. Good Job boys!

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Removals Melbourne CBD Apartment


Young Couple Moved From Mordialloc to Frankston by Jake Removals Melbourne

Removals Melbourne Townhouse

Moving From Mordialloc to Frankston by Jake Removals Melbourne

Jelena sent her enquiry through our quoting system on website. When we followed up her enquiry, she told us she found us on Google by searching movers Melbourne and checked reviews as well. She actually received three quotes and finally chose us for her moving.

Jelena and her husband are all currently working at home so their time is quite flexible. We booked the job on Tuesday morning as they can get our “Tuesday & Wednesday Special price”. This young couple and their child were moving to a 4-bedroom townhouse from their old 3-bedroom unit because they are expecting their second baby. Two properties are about 30 minutes driving distance.

We sent an 8T truck to do this job. Jelena is very organised lady as we can see most of their small stuff have been packed in boxes and well labelled. All beds had been dismantled before the boys arrived and all white goods had been undone and emptied as well. Jelena put small boxes in her own car and worked same time as us. These were all making the move easily and also saving their cost.

As everyone expected the whole process of moving was very smooth at both properties. The moving job lasted around 4 hours, Jelena and her husband were very happy with our boys and gave them tips for their wonderful works. She asked for several business cards and said she will definitely recommend Jake Removals Melbourne to her friends.

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Removals Melbourne Townhouse

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Popular Questions About Removals During Melbourne COVID-19 Lockdown

removals melbourne covid-19 faq

Is house moving essential?

Currently Yes, Removalists are considered an ‘essential service’ under freight & logistics definitions by each State Government and you are able to move your goods either locally or interstate in Australia. Government information states that those with more than once residence “can choose which one to be your principal residence and then must stay there for the stay at home period”.

Can I move interstate during covid-19 restrictions?

Most Australian states and territories have various border control measures in place, with some enforcing mandatory quarantine periods or turning people back if they don’t have a good enough reason to be entering the state.

Unless you’re classified as an essential traveller (and you’ll need documents to back that up) you may be subject to 14 days quarantine paid by the state(each state is different) or possibly out of your own pocket.

You can apply for an exemption that classifies you as an essential traveller, but there are conditions attached to that.

For more information Please refer to DHHS website.

Should I hire removalists or get friends to help when moving a house?

You can only assist someone in another household(friend or family) or vice versa with moving house where care and support is required due to age, infirmity, disability, or because of their health.

Hiring removalists is the safest and easiest option for house moving during stage 4 if possible.

Is house moving stressful?

Moving house is stressful enough, but with stage four COVID-19 restrictions in place in Melbourne, spanners you never knew existed have been thrown into the works especially with the prospect of a $1,652 on-the-spot fine for breaking stage four rules.

We have comprised a list of some helpful moving house tips when moving to help ease the stress.

What are house moving costs?

Moving home can come with a variety of expected and unexpected costs depending if you are renting, purchasing or renovating a home.

Costs can include packing material fees, building fees, furniture removalists, professional cleaners, lawn and garden care, painting, utilities(phone, waster, power) and possibly higher grocery food bills why you arranging the move as you may be eating takeaway/delivery during this time.

It is also a good idea to increase your bottom line amount to make sure you have extra money reserved for unexpected costs or higher fees than anticipated.

How much does it cost to move a house in Melbourne?

Moving homes within Melbourne and or Victoria can vary depending on your needs.

If you are moving a small 1 bed home or a large 4 bed family home for example will understandably have varying costs which will also vary depending on the pickup and delivery locations.

For more information please contact Jake Removals Melbourne. Email info@jakemove.com.au or call 0433 955 908 for more information.

 removals melbourne covid-19 faq

COVID19 Update – COVID Safe Plan

We remain open during Melbourne Stage 4 Lockdown

Jake Removals is currently operating as an Essential business therefore moving houses is still permitted during this COVID-19 Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne. To help the government minimise or stop the spread of coronavirus. We are taking immediate action throughout our company to protect all staff and customers. We trust you will support us in these efforts and we really appreciate your understanding during this time.

We are doing the following actions:

  • Is it essential? – We ask our customers to consider if your move is essential for you at the moment. If not, we suggest you book this move after the scheduled end date of the stage 4 lockdown.
  • Please clean all high-touch areas, like door handles and doorknobs, with disinfectant or soap before our staff arrive. Also please disinfectant hard surfaces on your furniture items.
  • We require all of our customers to wear their masks or facing covers and keep extra distance when our staff arrive at the property and during the move.
  • Normally, we allow our customers to assist with the handling of items to speed up the moving process. Currently, this is not an option in order to maximally protect our staff and our clients.

We reserve the right to cancel any job where our movers feel at risk, as this is a public health issue.

Please lets us know as soon as possible if:

  • If you have symptoms of fever and/or respiratory infection (cough, difficult breathing), we ask you to contact us immediately to reschedule or cancel your booking until you have sought medical care, and your symptoms have fully resolved.
  • If you have recently been anywhere overseas, you must contact us to reschedule the booking after at least 14 days after arriving in Australia.
  • If you are tested COVID-19 positive, we ask you to contact us immediately to cancel your booking.
  • If you have been in recent contact with a known case of COVID-19, you must contact us to reschedule and postpone the booking for at least 14 days.
  • We have implemented contactless requirements which minimise the risk to our customers and staff.

We are taking actions to reduce the risks:

  • We supply high quality face masks to all staff members and ask them to wear them from start to end, but may remove them while doing aerobically strenuous activities (such as carrying very heavy items, or going up or down flights of stairs.)
  • We ask all staff to clean their hands frequently by using hand sanitizer and water and soap when possible.
  • We are requiring all staff to use hospital grade disinfectant to spray and clean our vehicles at the end of each job.
  • Keeping staff up-to-date with Australian Department of Health Advice on good hygiene and social distance.


I live in Melbourne, can I still move to new house during this Stage 4 lockdown?

Yes. You are still able to move to a new house if you had already arranged to move, but the curfew hours still apply. You should also take extra steps to stay safe including wearing a face covering. (Source: Department of Health and Human Services Victoria)

If I’m moving house, can I use a removalist?

You may use a removalist. Friends and family can only assist someone in another household to move house where care and supports is required due to age, infirmity, disability, or because of their health. (Source: Department of Health and Human Services Victoria)


If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call on 0433 955 908 or email: info@jakemove.com.au. If you want to make a moving quote or booking, you can make Online Quote

Jake Removals Remains Open During Melbourne Stage 4 Lockdown


Jake Removals have had another great month during COVID-19 pandemic

Jake Removals Melbourne
  • Jake Removals have had another great month during June 2020.
  • Completing hundreds of successful moves throughout the month to new and existing loyal customers.
  • We are very thankful that we have continued to remain busy throughout the covid 19 pandemic that is gripping the world and we are very grateful our staff and also our customers have been doing their part to assist with keeping everyone safe through social distancing and hygiene measures.
  • We expect to remain busy throughout this time as we slowly move into the cooler months before Winter bringing with it its own unique weather based challengers but nothing our movers cannot handle.
  • We continue to upgrade our booking systems and continually work on our customer service skills and work quality to ensure we are providing the best service possible to all our clients.
  • We look forward to providing more excellent service in the months to come and hope that everyone stays safe and does their part to get through these difficult and challenging times.


Jake Removals Melbourne


Two-Bedroom Townhouse Moving From Cranbourne North to Seaford

Jake Removals Melbourne

Moving from Cranbourne North to Seaford by Jake Removals Melbourne

  • Tracey was a customer we had originally moved a few years ago and she had recently contacted us the help move her home once again as she was very pleased with the work we had provided previously and was happy to book our services again.
  • Tracey was living in a 2 bedroom townhouse within Cranbourne North and needed assistance to move to her new single storey home in Seaford.
  • Tracey advised us that she had a few more pieces of furniture than her previous move so we opted to go for a slightly larger truck than the last move.
  • We were very comfortable to use our 8T truck, which is perfect for 2 to 3 bedroom homes as we had previously used a 6T Truck.
  • The 8T truck also comes equipped with a larger hydraulic lift to assist with the larger items like the fridge, washing machine and sofas.
  • The 8T like the other larger trucks also has everything to protect the items from trolleys, dolleys, high quality furniture blankets and plastic wrapping.
  • Our team for the move for Tracey was Eric and Kevin. They are both very hard workers and dedicated to providing an amazing and stress free moving experience for all of our customers. They enjoy providing the best experience for all our customers.
  • All items were treated very well and no damage caused to either of the furnishings, property or the workers.
  • We were also able to keep the moving time at 3 hours which was exactly how long the previous move took but this time there were slightly more items which is great.
  • Tracey was once again very happy with the service provided and left an amazing and well deserved review and happy to recommend our services to everyone seeking House Removals Melbourne.
  • “You guys are awesome. This is the second move we have had with you and you were super quick and professional and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a removalist.”

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Jake Removals Melbourne


Three-Bedroom Moving From Carlton North to Brunswick

Removalists Melbourne

Moving from Carlton North to Brunswick by Jake Removalists Melbourne

  • Tanya had contacted us through our website requesting an instant online quote. Once we receive online enquiries we attempt to contact the customers over the phone to discuss their move to get as much information about their move as possible to supply them with the best quote.
  • Tanya was very happy to discuss her upcoming move. She had decided to move from her 3 bedroom home in Carlton North and she was wanting to move not too far away to Brunswick which are both central suburbs of Victoria
  • For Tanyas moves we had opted to use our 8T truck with hydraulic lift. The 8T is perfect for any large 2 bed to 3 bedroom homes to fit in all your standard household items.
  • The team chosen for Pauls move was our great team of Eric and Kevin. Both great guys who are always friendly and dedicated to providing great service to all our customers. They both have many years of experience in the industry and always happy to help with what is required.
  • Tanya was extremely happy with her move and all items were delivered with no damage to property, contents or the team.
  • Tanya also left a great review for the guys efforts.
  • “Really appreciated the effort of Jakes Removals as the skies opened on our moving day. Everything was packed and moved safely, with a bare minimum of our furniture being wet (unlike our removalists). Thank you for your professionalism and getting it done as quickly as possible!
  • Another satisfied and hopefully another repeat customer who gave a very well deserved 5 star review.
  • Tanya was more than happy to recommend our services to anyone seeking furniture removalists in Victoria

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Removalists Melbourne


A Small Job and Happy Customer. Moving From Balwyn North to Greensborough

Removals and Storage Melbourne

Moving from Balwyn North to Greensborough by Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne

  • Sue contacted us over the phone requesting our services to move the majority of her large items from her 2 bedroom home from Balwyn North to Greensborough.
  • After discussing the move with sue she advised that she had approximately 10 large items to move ranging from sofa beds to tables and lounge chairs.
  • With this is mind we had decided to use our 6T truck for the move which is our small to medium sized truck perfect for a 1-2 bedroom home or approximately 10 medium to large items.
  • Our team for this move was Robert and Ray. Two great workers who work extremely hard and very well together and go above and beyond to give the best service possible.
  • Our 6T trucks comes well equipped with all the resources required for the move. Complete with very thick furniture moving blankets, plastic wrapping, tools and a range of trolleys.
  • The move was done with great success with no damage to either property or the items and done in a very good time within our minimum 2 hour charge window.
  • Sue was very happy with the move and left a great review.
  • “Although our job was only a relatively small one , nothing was too much trouble. Everything was packed up in record time, even the little extra job of moving the fridge out and loading a bird bath from the garden into my car was done for me . Thank you very much.
  • Sue was happy to recommend our services to anyone seeking removals and storage Melbourne.

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Removals and Storage Melbourne


The month of May has been a very interesting time for Jake Removals

Removals Melbourne Movers May
  • The month of May has been a very interesting time for Jake Removals.
  • As most people should be well aware that the world has changed drastically for everyday life for millions of people over the past few months due to Covid-19 which for most is most commonly known as the coronavirus which has taken over the news, media and the minds of all with quotes like “unprecedented times” and “flatten the curve”.
  • Through this life changing time us here at Jake Removals have not been effected as much as many others around the world as we are luckily considered a much needed essential service as people are still needing to move everyday and even more so at the moment.
  • As many businesses have unfortunately had to close and many staff let go from their jobs we are lucky enough to be able to stay open and continue to provide exceptional service through these tough times.
  • February has been a very busy month as this is still considered to be part of the yearly busy period concluding the official end of summer.
  • There are many people who have homes being sold or had already sold during this time and there are also many people who are wanting to move out to rural or country Victoria due to fear of contracting the virus.
  • Our staff are very mindful of the essential health precautions recommended by the government and health officials during this time.
  • Staff are protecting themselves and customers by wearing hospital grade face masks, high grade hand sanitizer
  • , work gloves and they have also been disinfecting the trucks at the end of the moves to ensure the safety of all as this is paramount.
  • Our workers are also practicing social distancing with our customers and vice versa to ensure we assist in helping to stop the spread of the virus and continue to update ourselves daily with the latest information provided by the government.
  • We will continue to strive to create great moving experiences for all customers and to ensure that the safety of all customers and staff is taken very seriously to do our part for Australia.
  • We look forward to what the future brings as we head in the cooler months of Autumn an encourage everyone to take care and to do your part.


Removals Melbourne Movers May


Online Customer Moving within Rowville by Jake Removals Melbourne

Removals Melbourne May 2020

Moving within Rowville by Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne

  • Nicole was a brand new customer of ours. She had contacted us through our website requesting a quote for her upcoming move.
  • Nicole had advised up that she wished to move her 3 bed home from Rowville and was moving not too far away within Rowville also.
  • Nicole had advised that her home did contain the standard furnishings and items you would typically expect, so nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Given that she was moving within the same suburb it does allow for more flexibility with the truck choices as it does allow for the possibility of a second trip if required due to location.
  • We had decided on using our 8T truck for his move which is generally the perfect size for a 3 bed home, occasionally a 6T may be sufficient if quite minimally furnished or sometimes the 10T is required if the customer is quite the collector.
  • Our team for this move was Robert and Kevin. A very solid team who work very well together and are both very experienced in their work and very efficient.
  • All items were moved very carefully and no damage to property, belongings or our workers which is always great to hear as this is a very physically demanding job.
  • Nicole was very happy with her move and left a great review.
  • “On time, all our items handled with care, a pleasure to have Jake’s help us with our move.”
  • Another satisfied customer who was happy to recommend our services to anyone seeking Removals Melbourne

Call Jake Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658 or get an instant quote online. You may check the customer reviews on Word of Mouth


Removals Melbourne May 2020