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Moving From Old House Peace Of Mind – Jake Removalists Melbourne


Our parents own a vintage house, and a major share of the furniture they own are kind of heirlooms. When they decided to renovate their house and make it a compact, smart home, a lot of the furniture was left out, and we didn’t want to throw them out. That’s when we decided to divide the furniture among my sister and me and take it to our respective homes.


Excellent communication and service with Jake Removals and Storage


You know this is not the first time hiring movers for us. But this experience with Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne is something we will never forget. We bought some classy, second-hand furniture at an auction and wanted to bring it to our place in Melbourne. We called some of the movers we had previously taken services- some were not available for the work, some said they wouldn’t do interstate moving, and some quoted extremely high prices.

That weekend, some friends came over for a small get-together at our house, and we happened to mention this whole moving fiasco. Fortunately, one of them gave us the contact of Jake Removals and said to call them the following day itself. They spoke highly of the movers, and we were already convinced to hire them.

The next day, we called Jake Removals, and everything was so swift and smooth. The first thing they told us was, “just let us know what we are picking up and from where. We will take care of the rest for you”. This itself gave us a lot of assurance.

Within the evening, they sent us the quote for the move and explained every process in detail. The details included how many movers would be there, how the items would be packed and loaded, the truck details, the contact number of the mover and the truck driver, the pick-up and estimated drop timings etc.

The whole process was stress-free, and they delivered the furniture without a single scratch, right on time. Honestly, if we have any other moving requirements, we would contact Jake Removals only, without hesitation. We wish we had known them earlier because they have been extremely professional, and we didn’t even have to call them constantly asking for updates. If you’re looking for any kind of furniture moving services in Melbourne, give them a call at 1300 766 658 or send an online quote and you won’t regret it.

You can also check our storage solution price.

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Jake Removals and Storage Is Practicing Extra Hygiene During the Procedure of Moving Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in one way or the other and is continuing to do so. With the new Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 being widely spread across the world, it’s important to learn how to take care of yourselves and protect the ones you love. There is a global necessity to protect the most vulnerable, help people move on with their daily life, and make every service accessible safely.

As many people are fleeing the cities, to areas with lower covid cases, there is a significant requirement for furniture removal specialists in Melbourne. There is a lot of emotional, physical and mental stress involved, but ensuring the safe transfer of furniture and human resources is extremely important.

As one of the top movers Melbourne wide, Jake Removals and Storage strongly believes that as businesses, it’s important to help the government and citizens to minimise the spread of the virus, and help, keep their daily lives afloat.

There have been many reports about covid cases spreading through the states because of irresponsible moving of both furniture and people. Jake Removals’ main intention is to remove any stigma regarding furniture removals at the time of the pandemic. Many often forget that even those who offer services at this crucial time are ordinary people with ordinary lives. It is every single person’s duty to ensure that there are no dangers of further spread.

People are already concerned about many things – many lost their jobs, many have people with vulnerable health, and many are still contemplating whether the decision to move at this time is right or not. The least any business can do is not add to their stress and help them have a hassle-free experience. Moving to a new home or even to a new neighbourhood can be mentally and physically daunting. But it can be made seamless and efficient with the help of the right furniture movers.

Jake Removals and Storage recommends everyone thinking of moving to follow all the Covid-19 guidelines from the Health Department in order to protect both movers and customers.

As pioneers in furniture removals Melbourne wide, Jake Removals and Storage follows strict COVID-19 policies to ensure the safety of both their customers and staff. Whether you are a resident moving from Melbourne to another state or moving inside the state, Jake Removals can help you with it all. If you’re looking for quality and safe furniture removal services in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to give them a call.


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Vintage Furniture Removals In Melbourne – Recommended By Neighbour


Our parents were moving in with us and they had a few furniture that they wanted to take with them. It was close to them and almost vintage so we didn’t want to leave it at the old house to dust or even give it away.

It was quiet a pickle we were in. That’s when one of our neighbours suggested Jake Removals. They said they had an awesome experience with the team and would be perfect for our requirement.

Without hesitation we gave them a call. Let me tell you,  all our worries were taken away the moment we spoke to them. They asked us about our furniture, how many pieces are there, what’s the approximate size and all those information. They also didn’t make us wait for days to get a quote – it was as quick as it could get.

We fixed on a date that was okay for both of us and they came well prepared. They had everything with them to ensure safe moving of these furniture. We didn’t have to call them over and over again asking for confirmation, or updates from the day we placed the order to the day the furniture was moved. Everything was stress-free.

You know what’s the best part. They had communicated everything beforehand – how many people would come to help with the packing and loading, what’s the hourly rate, if we need to prepare anything from our end etc. Because of that, we didn’t have any worries. We knew exactly what the process was and to say that this was indeed a hassle-free experience for my aged parents.

The furniture was wrapped up neatly and loaded to their trucks carefully. They didn’t stuff up the furniture into a small truck to save money and cost, or do anything that would damage the furniture during transit.

We would 100% recommend the team at Jake Removals for anyone looking for affordable furniture removals in Melbourne. Give them a call, and you won’t regret it at all. Please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.



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Jake Removals is one of the efficient and credible pool table removers in Melbourne


We always have our friends and family over for weekends and other holidays. You can say our house is a hub for all things happy and fun. So naturally, we have a huge pool table for everyone to enjoy.

But this pool table because a topic of concern when we decided to move to another state because of work. We didn’t know how to move this and whom to contact. Most of the movers we contacted were worried about how safely they could move this pool table across the state. Let’s be real, it’ll be one heck of a journey and we too were worried how safe and un-damaged it would arrive at our new house. Not to mention the charges – it was worrisome.

That’s when I finally got the contact of Jake Removals & Storage. I called them up and explained our situation. We were worried they too would reject our request like others. Let me tell you this, the way they spoke and enquired about the situation itself was reassuring.

They were well-spoken, patiently listened to all our worries and told us that they would help us move our precious pool table to our new home. We were still worried because the whole situation felt so good to be true and we thought they would quote a huge amount. Even their moving charges were fitting our budget perfectly.

They came and picked up our pool table from our place, packed it very well and carefully loaded into their truck. The whole process was extremely hassle and stress-free. From my experience, moving a pool table need to be a careful process. Especially an old table like ours. If you are in-experienced or rough with it, the damage can be irreversible and the table will end up in the ditch.

I can vouch with all my heart that the team at Jake Removals did a terrific job in moving our pool table to our new home, that too was an interstate move. If you are looking for efficient and credible pool table movers in Melbourne, give them a call guys!

If you have the requirements for moving your pool table in Melbourne, please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.



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Jake Removals Helping Us Moving Into New Office


We were moving into a bigger office and we wanted a team of professional movers who specializes in moving office furniture. As we already had a pretty large office, it was kind of obvious that the moving would cost us a bomb. We were prepared for it financially, but mentally, we weren’t really sure if spending a fortune on moving office furniture was a right option.

That’s when we came across Jake Removals and decided to give them a call. To our surprise, they gave us a quote for an amount which was far less than we estimated. Didn’t have to think twice after that!

Needless to say, the whole process of moving our office furniture has been extremely hassle-free with them. We didn’t even have to worry about finding the right fitting boxes for packing up these office stuff – which was honestly, one of the main worries we had when we decided to move.

They brought boxes to pack all our office stuff and did it all by themselves, without any constant supervision or guidance. The furniture that was to be dismantled and packed were done carefully, the chairs and tables were wrapped up without any issues and all the delicate, fragile equipment were packed to the priority with heavy duty blankets and stuff.

The best part of it was, we didn’t have to compromise on our work hours to get this done. The work went on seamlessly, while the packing and moving was done. We didn’t lose any precious time due to this and we didn’t have to worry about anything, at all.

Not to mention, we were really glad to hear that the office relocation services were covered by insurance too. Even though the idea is to think as positive as possible, this sure gave us a reassurance.

Irrespective of your office size, we would really recommend Jake Removals for any of your office relocation services in Melbourne. You can trust them with anything including high-end stuff you have in your office. When you move even a table by yourself, you know how it would either scratch the floors, or might hit the wall and leave a dent. But the team at Jake Removals would pack and move it with utmost care and you will not even have to think about cleaning up after them.

If you have the requirements for office relocation in Melbourne, please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.



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Jake Removals & Storage literally saved one of my precious possessions – my piano!


I was moving for my Masters from my temporary residence in Bendigo to Melbourne. And I’ve had this antique piano for years now, since I was a child and I wanted to take it with me. Over the course of 3-4 weeks, I tried contacting a lot of piano movers in Melbourne but either they had a bomb of a pricing or they didn’t want to take the risk of moving an antique piano all that way.

That’s when I finally got the contact of Jake Removals & Storage from one of my friends. I called them up instantly and they didn’t even have to think twice before giving me a yes.

They asked me about my piano-whether it was an upright piano or grand piano, my travel plans and date etc. My biggest concern was that I wanted a storage option for the piano, till I found a place in Sydney. The team were extremely professional and patient with all my requirements and gave me quote that will not require for me to break my bank.

I was amazed by their storage facility and services. They came and picked up my piano from my place, packed it very well and carefully, and took it to their storage facility. This was the first time of keeping my piano in a storage facility and it was making me worried.

But Jake Removals & Storage guaranteed me about the security at the facility. They had 24 hour video surveillance and that put my worries to rest.

Once I moved to Sydney and found a place, they came and delivered my piano safely, with literally not even a scratch on it. I cannot stress this enough – but this was the most stress-free thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Are you looking for efficient and credible piano movers in Melbourne, and even if you want to move your piano to another state, give them a call. You wouldn’t regret it at all.

If you have the requirements for moving houses and self-storage solutions, please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.



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“Moving to a New House” – A Happy Customer From Jake Removals

Moving To New House

We bought a new house recently, and one of the things that were worrying us about our move to the new home was to get all our furniture safely, on a budget. We had a lot of antique furniture, including those made of glass.

Even when we got in touch with Jake Removals, we were sceptical as this was the first time taking services from professional movers. It’s safe to say, all our worries were taken away from the moment we spoke to them.

We didn’t have to wait for days to get a quote – it was as quick as possible. One of the team members heard all our requirements and requests and delivered a detailed quote instantly so that we could decide on the next steps without further delay.

From then on, everything was done in a smooth manner. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing or go over the details with them over and over again. We had 3 rooms worth of furniture to be moved to our new home – our living room, bedroom and study.

The furniture was wrapped up neatly and loaded to their trucks carefully. Honestly, we thought like every other movers, they would probably cramp up the furniture, but it was all arranged well to ensure no damage would be caused during the transit.

All our furniture was moved sooner than we thought and in a stress-free manner. We would 100% recommend the team at Jake Removals for anyone looking for affordable furniture removals in Melbourne.

If you have the requirements for moving houses and self-storage solutions, please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.


Moving To New House

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Quick and steady- Jake Removals & Storage Melbourne


Since the onset of Covid-19, road speed restrictions have increased. However, this hasn’t affected the quality of the moves we undertake. While it has been a challenge, we have consistently managed to come out victorious.

So when we were recently approached by a client who wanted to move from Lakes Entrance to Melbourne, we were sure we could handle it. We quickly sent an inventory for the client to fill and sent them a quotation thereafter. Because the client lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment and had few items, we concluded that 2 movers would be enough for the move.

On the day of the move, they arrived bright and early, with all their moving tools in hand. They quickly took apart the client’s furniture and wrapped it up in wrapping paper and blankets, making sure to safely transport it to the trucks. Once all the packing and loading was over, they hit the road.

Ultimately, the journey was smooth, despite the increased road speed restrictions. In fact, the movers arrived earlier than they had expected and finished unpacking with a lot of time to spare. Not only were the movers professional and efficient, but they were also friendly with the client, creating a rapport that has endured to date.

It’s therefore not surprising that the client not only gave us a 5-star review but also recommended his friends and family to us.

If you have the requirements for moving houses and self-storage solutions, please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.



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Moving Home With Pets – Jake Removals & Storage Melbourne


Having a pet is a lot of work – in many ways it’s like having a child. As such, we understand how important it is to hire movers that care for your pets. Fortunately, we are those types of movers – we ensure that both your belongings and pets reach their new home safe and sound.

So when a client recently approached us to move her stuff and cat into a new house within Melbourne, we were eager to help. Our staff members arrived at the 2-bedroom house on time and started packing and loading her furniture and appliances into our trucks. And since she had done some packing by herself, things moved rather swiftly.

In fact, the only processes that took a significant amount of time were taking apart the furniture and properly wrapping large appliances. Otherwise, everything else was a breeze. Even convincing the stressed-out cat to get into its cage wasn’t that hard. And since the client was simply moving from one region of Melbourne to another, the journey was quick and stress-free.

Not only did the movers reach the destination early and unpack quickly, but the cat got there safely as well. Since then, the client has given us a 5-star review and has hired us again and again. Beyond that, they have referred us to several of their friends and family members.

If you have the requirements for moving houses and self-storage solutions, please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.