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How To Declutter For Storage Before The Move – Tips From Jake Removals Melbourne

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A critical part of every big move is decluttering your house, particularly if you’re moving things into storage. Clearing your possessions reduces moving costs, decreases time and effort on move day and generally helps you feel a whole lot lighter. If you’re building a new place, renovating or just downsizing for a while, decluttering takes some much-needed weight off your shoulders. It can be very therapeutic. If you’ve got a big declutter job ahead of you but can’t decide how to approach it, follow these simple tips from Jake Storage and Removals Melbourne to declutter for storage like the best of them.

Don’t start with the wardrobe

Most people get overwhelmed thinking about where to– but often the wardrobe is the biggest mental hurdle. Instead of going for broke and attacking that first, however, get started on something easier. Try going for a less essential room like a laundry or a study to kick off the job. Once you’ve built some momentum, take a big breath and go storming into your clothes collection.

Apply the multiple rule

Do you really need that many towels, or five sets of bedding? Over time we collect multiples of household items and save them for a rainy day or when family comes to visit. However, in most cases, people tend to save way more than they practically need. Look past those multiple sets that you do need (think cutlery and kitchenware) and cull those you don’t.

One room at a time

Decluttering across the whole house leads to burnout. Approach it practically by choosing a smaller part of the house (a room or large cupboard) and commit clearing until it’s done. To save time later start loading moving boxes as you go. Only then can you move on to the next one. Try to move slowly, and identify a room or area to stack your unwanted goods. Anything in good condition you can bundle up and give to charity or sell online for some much needed moving cash.

12 months or it’s gone

This is a harsh one, but fewer belongings to move means cheap storage. Try it on anything where you need a quick keep-or-throw answer. If you’ve physically used it or thought about it sometime in the last year, keep it. If not, it’s usually a bad sign. Obviously, this isn’t the case for record-keeping like photos and family heirlooms, but it does force you to get serious about everything else.

Essentials only

We tend to purchase or hold on to items that sound practical in theory but hardly see the light of the day. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the biggest culprits for this. Pans, baking trays, pots and bread ovens all take up critical space. Same applies to the bathroom – soaps, creams, gels, sprays, the list goes on. Do you really need them all?

If you need further help about how to declutter house before your moving, contact Jake Storage Removals Melbourne at 1300 766 658.

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Another Storage Move From Our Happy Customer

Mobile Storage Melbourne

Moving Out From Our Storage Facility at Notting Hill – Mobile Storage Melbourne

  • Jennifer is a customer of ours who we had been holding her items in storage while she was awaiting her new home to be ready.
  • We had moved all her belongings into 3 of our storage units which are all 8 cubic meters each containing a variety of her belongings.
  • Jennifer had requested to move her belongings now out of storage into her new home located in Bentleigh.
  • The team assigned to this move were Luke and Jay. Both great workers who are very friendly, efficient and dedicated to giving fantastic service every time.
  • The guys used our smaller 4T truck for this move as the items all together came to the equivalent of a standard 1 bed room home.
  • All items carefully placed into the truck using trolleys and dolleys and handled with the most care. The items then arrived and were placed accordingly into Jennifer’s new home without any fuss or damage at all.
  • Jennifer was thrilled at the service once again provided to her and would suggest to everyone requiring mobile storage Melbourne.
  • Another 5/5 star review, great work. View Word of Mouth all 5 stars reviews.

Contact Jake Mobile Storage now at 1300 766 658 or make an instant quote.

Mobile Storage Melbourne



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A Small House Move With Jake Removals Melbourne

A Small House Removals Melbourne

Happy customers always have similar stories, let’s share one moving job from Thornbury to Fitzroy by Jake Removals Melbourne

A Small House Removals Melbourne, Our guys also helped uninstalling and installing customer’s washing machine

  • Rosanna called to discuss her upcoming move. She had a 2 bed room property however the amount of furniture she had was that closer to a 3 bed room property.
  • With this information in mind we had decided to go for our 8T truck with hydraulic lift which was the usual truck for a 3 bed room home.
  • The guys chosen to work on this specific move were our team of Eric and Michael. Both great movers with many years of experience and who work very well together for the best possible results.
  • They first assess the amount of furniture and map out a plan of which items will go where with great positioning in the truck to make the most possible use out of the room available for them.
  • All items are handled with great care with the use of wrappings, coverings, trolleys, dolleys and the use of the best tool, the hydraulic lift.
  • They guys also went above and beyond and assisted Rosanna with uninstalling and installing her washing machine.
  • Rosanna advised that “the guys were really great, they were super helpful and efficient and I’m very happy with my experience”.
  • Great work guys with another satisfied customer who required removals Melbourne resulting in a 5/5 star review on word of mouth.

Call us today on 1300 766 658 or make an instant quote.

A Small House Removals Melbourne


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Customer Testimonials of Removals and Storage Melbourne

Removals and Storage Melbourne

Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne always value feedback from our customers so we can keep improving our services. It time to share two true feedback from our customers.

June 2018

Type of service: Multiple heavy item moving into storage

Moved to Jake Removals Storage in Notting Hill

Moving items like an upright piano or a pool table can come with some unique challenges. On this day our customer Kerryn required not one but both items to be moved along with a motorbike and various other items creating a not so ordinary move. Luke and Kevin conquered this challenge with ease, exhibiting years of experience and skill to combat multiple steps and awkward turns with the use of well placed ramps, trolleys and coverings. Kerryn was very impressed and relieved to see her belongings treated extremely well and to also know they would be left in great hands in our secure storage facility with 24-hour surveillance. Thanks guys.

Removals and Storage Melbourne

June 2018

Type of service: Furniture delivery for Display home

Moved to Kilsyth

One of the great things with our removals and storage Melbourne is being able to develop great relationships with many businesses throughout Victoria which on this day includes on of our regulars Felicity. Working in a home staging business they require furniture to be moved from their factory to many homes throughout Victoria and our guys here are more than happy to oblige. This is no ordinary move as the guys not only act as movers for the day but also assist Felicity in finding the perfect spot for each item to assist in making the homes for sale as appealing as possible. Felicity is always happy with the work provided and is one of our many valued regular customers and business partners. Great relationship building everyone.

Removals and Storage Melbourne 2

For more information and special offers of Removals and Storage Melbourne, you can visit Jake Removals Melbourne. Or call us today on 1300 766 658.

Find our 5 stars review on WOMO.


Organize your packing


1. Make an inventory sheet with what you are packing. Get rid of the stuff not on the list.
2. Pack room by room in order to avoid confusion between your belongings when unpacking.
3. Prepare your packing materials. They can be purchased in store or ordered online. You can also ask the movers to provide you with some.
4. Do not pack valuable items, you should take them with you on moving day or place them in a deposit box for the safety.


Get a stress free moving day


1. Be thrifty, find free moving boxes. Save a little cash and get as many boxes as you need for free. Best places: the grocery and clothing stores, and warehouse style stores.

2. Create a schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t forget to defrost, towel dry, and clean your refrigerator one to two days before moving day. Otherwise, it’ll be pretty stinky and leaky!

3. Take pictures of your electronics before unplugging. Before you disconnect them to be boxed up, take a picture on your phone or camera of the cords on the back of your television and other electronics so that you can remember where they all go! This will save you lots of time when you set it up again.

4. How to pack jewelry? You can use egg cartons to easily transport your jewelry and tape them shut therefore nothing falls out! You can also use toilet paper rolls for packing necklaces or loose bracelets. Just put one end through the roll and fasten the clasp.



Plan Your Moving


Planning tips:

Six weeks from move day:
Inform landlord/estate agent of your moving date
Get removals quotes and book your company
Book storage if required

Three weeks from move day:
Start packing up non-essential items
Cancel any regular deliveries (magazine subscriptions etc) and inform companies of change of address
Organise parking for you/your removals company at both homes

One week from move day:
Have your post redirected and inform family and friends of your new address
Defrost your fridge and freezer
Organise key collection