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Popular Questions About Removals During Melbourne COVID-19 Lockdown

removals melbourne covid-19 faq

Is house moving essential?

Currently Yes, Removalists are considered an ‘essential service’ under freight & logistics definitions by each State Government and you are able to move your goods either locally or interstate in Australia. Government information states that those with more than once residence “can choose which one to be your principal residence and then must stay there for the stay at home period”.

Can I move interstate during covid-19 restrictions?

Most Australian states and territories have various border control measures in place, with some enforcing mandatory quarantine periods or turning people back if they don’t have a good enough reason to be entering the state.

Unless you’re classified as an essential traveller (and you’ll need documents to back that up) you may be subject to 14 days quarantine paid by the state(each state is different) or possibly out of your own pocket.

You can apply for an exemption that classifies you as an essential traveller, but there are conditions attached to that.

For more information Please refer to DHHS website.

Should I hire removalists or get friends to help when moving a house?

You can only assist someone in another household(friend or family) or vice versa with moving house where care and support is required due to age, infirmity, disability, or because of their health.

Hiring removalists is the safest and easiest option for house moving during stage 4 if possible.

Is house moving stressful?

Moving house is stressful enough, but with stage four COVID-19 restrictions in place in Melbourne, spanners you never knew existed have been thrown into the works especially with the prospect of a $1,652 on-the-spot fine for breaking stage four rules.

We have comprised a list of some helpful moving house tips when moving to help ease the stress.

What are house moving costs?

Moving home can come with a variety of expected and unexpected costs depending if you are renting, purchasing or renovating a home.

Costs can include packing material fees, building fees, furniture removalists, professional cleaners, lawn and garden care, painting, utilities(phone, waster, power) and possibly higher grocery food bills why you arranging the move as you may be eating takeaway/delivery during this time.

It is also a good idea to increase your bottom line amount to make sure you have extra money reserved for unexpected costs or higher fees than anticipated.

How much does it cost to move a house in Melbourne?

Moving homes within Melbourne and or Victoria can vary depending on your needs.

If you are moving a small 1 bed home or a large 4 bed family home for example will understandably have varying costs which will also vary depending on the pickup and delivery locations.

For more information please contact Jake Removals Melbourne. Email info@jakemove.com.au or call 0433 955 908 for more information.

 removals melbourne covid-19 faq

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Small House Moving From Rural Suburb of Victoria to Ringwood

Removalists Melbourne

Small House Moving From Longwarry North to Ringwood by Jake Removalists Melbourne

  • Brett called our office to discuss his upcoming move. He was a new customer and we were happy to help.
  • Brett was looking for assistance to move from his Longwarry North 2 bedroom single storey home which is a rural suburb of Victoria to Ringwood which is closer to the hustle and bustle of busy Melbourne.
  • Brett advised that we had your standard household furniture, beds, side tables, dressers, sofas, white goods, dining and between 15-20 boxes.
  • Once we gathered all the information provided we settled on our 6T truck. The 6t is perfect for your standard 2 bedroom home or for a large 1 bedroom home or small office relocation.
  • The 6T comes fully equipped with high quality furniture blankets, plastic wrapping, dolleys, trolleys and the all important hydraulic lift which is capable of lifting items in excess of 1 Tonne.
  • Our team for this move was the amazing Robert and Ray. Robert is one of our more experienced if not the most experienced furniture mover we have at Jake Removals. Robert was joined by Ray who is one of our newer employees and has proven himself to be a great new asset to the company and has learnt a lot from our veteran employees.
  • All items were handled with great care by Rob and Ray which is to be expected and no damage to items or property.
  • Brett was very happy with the work provided by Rob and Ray and he left us a great 5 star review.
  • “Everything went smoothly and nothing was damaged in the move. Took the time that I expected. Would recommend.”
  • Great to hear we have completed another smooth and stress free move for a new and hopefully returning customer who was more than happy to recommend our services to anyone seeking Furniture Movers Melbourne.

Call Jake Furniture Movers Melbourne at 1300 766 658 to get an instant quote. You may check the feedbacks on Word of Mouth


Removalists Melbourne

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Small House Including 8 ft Pool Table Moving From Doncaster East to Park Orchards

Movers Melbourne

8 foot Pool Table Moving From Doncaster East to Park Orchards by Jake Movers Melbourne

  • Lissy was a returning customer looking to move her large 3 bed room home once again.
  • Previously we had moves Lissy the year before from Doncaster East also to Doncaster East to her home where she was currently living.
  • As we had moved Lissy before we were more than confident in the size of truck required and also the estimated time frame for this move.
  • With this move however she had the addition of a large 8 foot slate top pool table and also some other large than usual items which take great expertise and also extreme care when moving due to the nature of the items.
  • With this is mind we decided to use our largest of the trucks which is our 10T, perfect for moving large 3 bedroom homes to 4 bedroom homes.
  • Lissy also opted this time to go with 3men for the job which is highly recommend when moving very heavy and large items as furniture removal is already very physically straining on the movers bodies so the additional man does help to ensure a smooth move.
  • Our team for Lissys move this time was James, Karl and Eddie. All very strong men and nationally diverse which is always great. James born and bred in Australia, Karl from France and Eddie from Japan. All great guys that work extremely well together and enjoy assisting out customers to the best of their ability.
  • The guys moved everything with extreme care and efficiency, making great use of all equipment available to them from the furniture blankets, plastic wrapping, dolleys, trolleys and the hydraulic lift.
  • With the Pool table that requires a specialised custom made trolley. The legs are dismantled from the pool table and the slate top is wrapped and placed on its side on the trolley and wheeled onto the lift and into the truck. Without the availability of the pool table trolley it would take at least 5-6 people to move a pool table due to the weight which can range from 250-300kgs.
  • Lissy was once again very impressed by the skill and professionalism of our workers and left us with a great 5 star review.
  • “Awesome guys. Very nice and accommodating. Took care of items. Highly recommend.”
  • Great to have a returning customer and another outstanding move performed by our exceptional workers, great work and another satisfied customer happy to recommend our services to anyone seeking Furniture and Pool table movers in Melbourne.

Call Jake Furniture Movers Melbourne at 1300 766 658 to get an instant quote. You may check our 5 stars reviews on Word of Mouth


Movers Melbourne

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Another Satisfied Customer Would Recommend Jake Removals Melbourne to Friends

Furniture Removalists Melbourne

3 Bedrooms Move From Bayswater to Boronia by Jake Furniture Removalists Melbourne

  • Paula sent through an email request for a quote to move from her 3 bedroom single storey home that she had been living in for many years in Bayswater and moving to her new unit in Boronia.
  • We contacted Paula to discuss her move and she advised that she was planning to downsize to a smaller unit as her children were no longer at home which is also known as an empty nest.
  • We had decided on using our 8 Tonne truck which is perfect for moving a large 2 bed home to a 3 bed home as she did still have quite a number of belongings to take with her.
  • The 8T is one of the larger trucks and is great for the medium to large moves as it comes fully equipped with trolleys, dolleys and the large hydraulic lift.
  • Robert and Tylor were our 2 workers assigned to this move. Robert is one of our more experienced if not the most experienced furniture mover we have at Jake Removals. Robert was joined by Tylor who is one of our newer employees and has proven himself to be a great new asset to the company and has learnt a lot from our veteran employees.
  • All items were moved with the greatest of care as our trucks contain many heavy duty and high quality furniture blankets and plastic wrapping. This is our number priority which is mixed with great efficiency and outstanding customer service to make for an excellent furniture moving experiences for all customers.
  • The timing for this move was also extremely efficient as the guys completed this move with 2.5 hours which is an amazing effort.
  • Paula was very happy with the completed job and left an amazing 5 star review.
  • ”Rob and Tyler were amazing, friendly, helpful and super efficient. I Would definitely recommend Jake Removals to all friends and family. Made my move much easier.”
  • Great work everyone and another satisfied customer who would recommend our services to anyone seeking Furniture removals Melbourne.

Call Jake Furniture Removalists Melbourne at 1300 766 658 to get an instant quote. You may check our 5 stars reviews on Word of Mouth


Furniture Removalists Melbourne

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What You Need To Do On the Moving Day

Removalists Melbourne

Moving day is closer, lots of things you may need to think and prepare. Jake Removalists Melbourne gives you some tips you need to know couple days before moving day.

1-4 Days Before Moving:

• Make a schedule or action plan for the day of the move.
• Drain fuel from lawn mowers and discard any hazardous or flammable substances which could prove dangerous during the moving process.
• Make sure essential tools are handy (screwdrivers, tape, vacuum cleaner, etc.).
• Pack a bag for water bottles, pen/paper, snacks, documents, and essentials.
• Set aside boxes/items that you have decided to move yourself.
• Clean!

Moving Day: At your old home

• Remove bedding and disassemble beds – be sure to pack bedding in your essential items box.
• Babysitter – if possible, organise to get somebody to look after the kids and pets.
• Esky – have an esky and ice packs on hand to put in all the food from the fridge.
• Check off all furniture and boxes against your inventory list as they go into the moving truck.
• Bed assembly – Get the removalists to help you assemble any furniture like beds, it’s a job that you really don’t want to be doing late in the evening while everybody is exhausted and tired.
• Complete one last check of the old property to ensure nothing was left behind ( i.e.) look behind doors and in cupboards, etc.
• Leave your contact information for new residents to forward mail.
• Make sure the movers have the correct new address and you have their mobile number to contact them if there is a confusion.
• Carry all important items with you (passports, cash, other important documents, etc.).
• Lock the windows, doors and turn off the lights.
• Return keys if applicable.

At Your New Home

Before you move give your new house by Jake Removalists Melbourne a good clean before moving all the boxes over.  It’s so much easier to wipe over kitchen shelves and vacuum all the carpets while the house is empty.  Despite the showers looking clean I gave them a good clean again.

  • Verify utilities are working: Phone, Internet, Water, Gas, Electricity, Heating & Cooling
  • Organise pest control– get the pest control to spray the house the day before you moved in, then you don’t have to worry about moving any furniture later.
  • Clean the kitchen and vacuum as needed (especially where furniture will be going).
  • Assemble beds and make up beds as soon as possible.
  • Begin unpacking – start with the kitchen and bathroom and other essentials
  • Bathroom stocked– put toilet paper, hand soap, hand towel in each of the bathrooms. Shower ready – put soap and bath towels for each person in the bathrooms, after a long day you will want a nice shower.
  • Take photos of your new home– so you can take the time to look through them and be able to visualise where you want items placed before the move. This is also good for renters to have as a reference for their landlords to prevent unnecessary repair fees (as it may have been broken before moving in).
  • Don’t be too organised – unpack the boxes and place into drawers and cupboard, but don’t be too worried about it being orderly and organised, once all the boxes are unpacked you can go back when you have time and neaten it up.

Call Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658 | 0433 955 908 or Online to get an instant quote. You can also check Jake Removals 5-star reviews on Word of Mouth


Removalists Melbourne



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Few Items Move By Small Truck by Jake Removalists Melbourne

Removalists Melbourne

Few Items Move By Small Truck From Southbank to West Melbourne by Jake Removalists Melbourne

  • Jessica contacted us by phone to discuss her upcoming move. After speaking with her she had advised that she just had a few larger items like beds, mattresses and sofas that required to be moved.
  • We were more than happy to oblige as they required only a small move that would only require our small 4T truck with hydraulic lift and it was available at the requested time.
  • Our very handy 4T is great for smaller moves like a 1 bedroom property or just a few large items that need some strong men. It is also very useful for moving through smaller streets and driveways when necessary.
  • The guys chosen for this move were our removalists Melbourne team of Donnie and Eddie. They are both great movers and friends and are both very experienced in what they do and work very well together to achieve the best possible results for our customers.
  • All items are carefully handled and packed as efficiently and professionally as possible to ensure all items arrive in the same condition that they were packed in.
  • Jessica advised that “it was great! They worked with us with all the issues that came up and did not hesitate when we asked to do anything.”
  • Another satisfied customer who would highly recommend our services to all looking for Removalists Melbourne and gave a 5/5 star review.
  • We are fully insured. Check removalists Melbourne insurance.

Call us today on 1300 766 658 | 0433 955 908 or Online getting an instant quote. You can also check our 5 stars feedback on Word of Mouth


Removalists Melbourne



Packing and Moving Job – Found Jake Removals Melbourne From Google

Packing and moving job from Ormond to Ormond by Jake Removals Melbourne

Packing and Moving Job With Pre-Organised Packing Boxes

  • Lucas contacted us through our website to enquire about what services we provide.
  • After speaking to Lucas we discovered that he required a move from one 2 bed room apartment with a lift to another 2 bed room apartment with a lift and both premises in Ormond.
  • Lucas also advised us that he would also our packing services before the move as he had very little time at the moment and young children so he was just little busy.
  • We enquired about what parts of the home required packing and what kind of items to get a good idea of exactly what packing materials we would require.
  • Lucas advised us that is was mainly just the kitchen items that required packing and a few random items around the home. With this information we arranged for 10-15 tea chest boxes which is your typical medium sized packing box to accommodate the most basic of items and also a few rolls of our butcher block wrapping paper to secure delicate belongings.
  • All our packing material can be found through our website in our box shop section near the top right of the page.
  • Our dedicated and hard working team of Eric and Jack were assigned to this task, wrapping all items professionally before the moving all belongings into the awaiting 6T truck, perfect for this sized move.
  • Lucas was extremely pleased with the excellent service provided by Eric and Jack with wrapping, packing and moving.
  • Lucas is very grateful for the hep provided and would gladly recommend our services to all friends and family seeking Removals Melbourne.

Call us today on 1300 766 658 or make an instant quote.

Removals Melbourne


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A Small House Move With Jake Removals Melbourne

A Small House Removals Melbourne

Happy customers always have similar stories, let’s share one moving job from Thornbury to Fitzroy by Jake Removals Melbourne

A Small House Removals Melbourne, Our guys also helped uninstalling and installing customer’s washing machine

  • Rosanna called to discuss her upcoming move. She had a 2 bed room property however the amount of furniture she had was that closer to a 3 bed room property.
  • With this information in mind we had decided to go for our 8T truck with hydraulic lift which was the usual truck for a 3 bed room home.
  • The guys chosen to work on this specific move were our team of Eric and Michael. Both great movers with many years of experience and who work very well together for the best possible results.
  • They first assess the amount of furniture and map out a plan of which items will go where with great positioning in the truck to make the most possible use out of the room available for them.
  • All items are handled with great care with the use of wrappings, coverings, trolleys, dolleys and the use of the best tool, the hydraulic lift.
  • They guys also went above and beyond and assisted Rosanna with uninstalling and installing her washing machine.
  • Rosanna advised that “the guys were really great, they were super helpful and efficient and I’m very happy with my experience”.
  • Great work guys with another satisfied customer who required removals Melbourne resulting in a 5/5 star review on word of mouth.

Call us today on 1300 766 658 or make an instant quote.

A Small House Removals Melbourne


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Customer Testimonials of Removals and Storage Melbourne

Removals and Storage Melbourne

Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne always value feedback from our customers so we can keep improving our services. It time to share two true feedback from our customers.

June 2018

Type of service: Multiple heavy item moving into storage

Moved to Jake Removals Storage in Notting Hill

Moving items like an upright piano or a pool table can come with some unique challenges. On this day our customer Kerryn required not one but both items to be moved along with a motorbike and various other items creating a not so ordinary move. Luke and Kevin conquered this challenge with ease, exhibiting years of experience and skill to combat multiple steps and awkward turns with the use of well placed ramps, trolleys and coverings. Kerryn was very impressed and relieved to see her belongings treated extremely well and to also know they would be left in great hands in our secure storage facility with 24-hour surveillance. Thanks guys.

Removals and Storage Melbourne

June 2018

Type of service: Furniture delivery for Display home

Moved to Kilsyth

One of the great things with our removals and storage Melbourne is being able to develop great relationships with many businesses throughout Victoria which on this day includes on of our regulars Felicity. Working in a home staging business they require furniture to be moved from their factory to many homes throughout Victoria and our guys here are more than happy to oblige. This is no ordinary move as the guys not only act as movers for the day but also assist Felicity in finding the perfect spot for each item to assist in making the homes for sale as appealing as possible. Felicity is always happy with the work provided and is one of our many valued regular customers and business partners. Great relationship building everyone.

Removals and Storage Melbourne 2

For more information and special offers of Removals and Storage Melbourne, you can visit Jake Removals Melbourne. Or call us today on 1300 766 658.

Find our 5 stars review on WOMO.

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Sharing 2 Moving House Melbourne Stories From Our Customers


We always value feedback of moving house Melbourne from our customers so we can keep improving our services. It time to share two true stories from our clients.

No. One – Type of service: 4 bedroom home with a stopover

From Bundoora to Beveridge to Wallan (Department: Moving House Melbourne)

Picking up the whole family for a move from the beloved family home full of memories is typically a stressful and some what bittersweet task. Stacey and Phil were very delighted and impressed with how well our guys Rob and Jay handled the move. No job was too much for them to handle combining great time management, safety and using extreme great care with all belongings helping the family settle into their new home with ease. “Would use again”. Great work!

Moving House Melbourne

No. Two – Type of service: Few items with steep driveway and “wonky” steps

From Noble Park to Millgrove (Department: Moving House Melbourne)

“Worked hard to deliver to a very difficult location” were the words used by Sasha on this move. This was no ordinary relocation as the property came with a very steep driveway and some not so friendly wonky steps. Adding to the difficulty of the move included moving 3 full sized video arcade games which one would find some time ago sprawled across various fish and chip shops in the late 80s and 90s. Sasha was very impressed with the skill, quickness and efficiency that our very talented movers Jack and Eric displayed. Fantastic job guys.

Moving House Melbourne 2


For more information and special offers you can visit Jake Removals Melbourne. Or call us today on 1300 766 658.

Find our 5 stars review on WOMO.