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The Best Way To Pack Fragile Items For Storage – Tips From Jake Removals & Storage Melbourne

The number one problem most people encounter with storage is damaged or broken items. Fragile ones are most at risk, and it can cause quite a headache – particularly for expensive items or those with sentimental value. Thankfully you can prevent this happening by packing fragile items properly for storage. A bit of preparation and care will prove the difference between a stress-free move and a box of broken plates. Follow tips Jake Storage and Removals Melbourne below to pack fragile items for maximum protection, stability and safety.

Collect the right packaging materials

Great protection for fragile items starts with the best packaging materials. Arm yourself with packing tape, a tape gun, newspaper and packing paper (either will do, but newspaper ink runs), bubble wrap and a permanent marker. Finally, collect yourself enough boxes to fit everything in. It’s tempting to use second-hand ones to save money, but for valuables, you should invest in new boxes. Jake Storage Melbourne recommend asking boxes with double-corrugated walls to stop your valuables being crushed in storage.

Line the box with padding

Construct your first box and use the tape gun to secure the bottom with tape. When it’s ready to go take a sheet of packing paper and use your hands to scrunch it into a ball shape. Don’t worry about making it too tight. Place it inside the box to create some padding for your fragile items. Keep making balls until the entire floor of the box is covered. You may buy packing material from Jake Storage Melbourne.


Wrap your fragile items

The best way to protect valuables is to wrap each one individually before packing. For extra fragile pieces, wrap with bubble wrap first and then with packing paper. Here’s a simple process to follow:
1. Find a stable bench to work from, and lay out your packing sheets flat in a pile
2. Place your first item in the middle of the top sheet.
3. Fold one corner of the sheet to the diagonally opposite corner and edge the end underneath your item. Do the same with all other sheet corners.
4. Seal the edges using packing tape.

Fill the box carefully

It goes without saying to handle fragile items with care, but the right techniques offer superior protection. Place your heavier items on the bottom. Cut your cardboard (old boxes can be used here) to create dividers, and use them to add structural support between items. Make sure you fill up all the spaces. If you’re packing dishes for storage, load them sideways for better shock absorption.

Finish and seal the box

Pack your box to the rafters, but be careful not to make it too heavy. When you’re finished, follow the same process as before to scrunch up balls of packing paper and place them on top for padding. Finally, seal the box with several layers of packing tape and finish it with a ‘fragile’ label big enough for your removalists to notice!

Follow these tips to keep your treasures safe in storage. And if you’d like the professionals to take care of it for you, check out Jake Storage Melbourne affordable packing services.

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