Moving from Blackburn South and Mitcham

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If you don’t want to move your entire home yourself, just relax and JakeMove will take care of it. JakeMove has become a pioneer in the moving segment of the logistics service. JakeMove is moving specialists trained in the art of the perfection in moving service which is providing in all over Victoria. It provides international standard of high-quality service based on its modern facilities, we have also new technology with a lot of other services. JakeMove has worked on augmenting reputation in the Victorian market as a leading moving service. Their performance was spectacular when they assisted Maureen in shifting from Blackburn South to Mitcham. These Victorian suburbs are not too far in kilometers from each other but considering that Maureen had to move from a 3 bedroom home, the stuff she had to carry was a lot.  Moving to a new home means, that she was dealing with tasks like finding a good neighborhood for her kids, accounting for and packing all her possessions, and arranging for them all to be carted from her old house to the new one. With all the stress associated with these changes, wouldn’t it be great if she could find an expert who has walked thousands of people through moving—someone she could trust to handle all the details? That’s just what the moving specialists at JakeMove do best.


They also understood Maureen most important thought that was worrying her the most while shifting is the care and safety of your belongings having a tremendous value attached to them. JakeMove was able to understand Maureen emotions attached to her belongings. To encounter this, they capitalized on the best packing and transportation services as a solution to all her shifting problems. The team from JakeMove that came was very professional and managed the multiple requests as explained. Maureen didn’t face any problems with the movers and in fact were very happy with the house shifting experience. Maureen indicated that it was pleasure talking to the JakeMove team who have great domain knowledge, and more importantly, they have demonstrated their customer focus by walking the normal call of duty much beyond my expectations. JakeMove came with 6T truck firstly and arrived 5 minutes earlier than expected which is always fantastic.  JakeMove used the international quality materials & vehicles to protect Maureen goods from damage, moisture or dust. JakeMove professionals have developed various ingenious solutions for all the problems that may be encountered during relocation.  They observe certain distinctive precautions while loading the goods like items having religious significance are labeled and placed on top so that no one inadvertently steps on them by putting stickers. All in all, JakeMove streamlined Maureen’s strenuous relocating task by providing her with peace of mind.